Robb Reiner - Buddy White

Buddy White - birds' eye view 16"x24" Limited Print

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Robb's 2022 "Buddy White" kit 2.0 is built by Natal Drums, the drum division of Marshall Amplification. This kit was built for Robb in 2020 and is still currently in use for all his European touring and recording sessions. This birds eye view of Buddy White would make an awesome addition to your drum den, music space, dentist office…wherever!… because its basically the most perfect picture you could have!
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Robb Reiner

Stonehenge (Magic) 16"x20" Print

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Oil on Canvas • 2020 • 28 ¼" x 29 ⅛"
After Covid-19 (temporarily) stalled our European tour for "Anvil - Legal at Last", I hit the studio and finished this rockin' painting! I'm making available a limited number of 16" x 20" prints of this piece. Only the first 12 copies sold will be autographed!
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Robb Reiner

The Canvas Collection

It's finally here! The complete Robb Reiner painting collection, all in one book! 75 beautifully reproduced works of art, including more than 6 never before seen paintings and under-paintings. Vivid descriptions take you on a journey through Robb's creative process, discussing what his inspiration, thought process and moods were like as he completed these luscious works.
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2019 Art Show - Japan

Join Robb on Saturday, November 9/19 for his first art show in Japan! Copies of his new art book Robb Reiner - The Canvas Collection as well as 16"x20" prints and other memorabilia will be available.
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